Chewing Gum Sex Enhancement for Women – JAGUAR POWER

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Female sex bubble gum in Pakistan – JAGUAR POWER

Chewing Gum | Sex Enhancement

Recommended daily dosage and duration of use :

Less than 10 pieces a day .

since result will vary depending upon man age and metabolish , start with 4 pieces per day.

until you know how jaguar power chewing gum effects you.

For long term use take 2 days on then more days off.

The increased energy effects of jaguar chewing gum can sometimes last into the next day or even a third day

1. Make sexual life passionate
2. Produce sex desire
3. Cause excitement
4. Increase sexual desire in Female.
5. Herbal No side effects

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Usage and dosage: one pcs each time, keep in a dry and windy place.The same taste and shape as the ordinary chewing gum, no side effect’s enhancer for women, obvious effect, arouse strong sexual desire of women.

Children and pregnant women are forbidden to take it.

Note: we deal in 100% Genuine & effective product.